FSharp.Charting: Documentation

Getting Started:

Basic Chart Types:

Animated Live Charts (based on IObservable and IEvent data):

  • Live Charts - shows how to create animated LiveCharts

Using charts in applications:

Further Samples:

The following methods are available on chart objects:

  • CopyAsBitmap
  • CopyChartToClipboard
  • CopyChartToClipboardEmf
  • SaveChartAs
  • ShowChart

The following methods are used to style chart objects:

  • With3D
  • WithDataPointLabels
  • WithLegend
  • WithStyling
  • WithTitle
  • WithXAxis
  • WithYAxis
  • ApplyToChart

Please contribute more documentation on the following topics:

  • Combining charts using Chart.Combine, Chart.Rows and Chart.Columns
  • More details on LiveCharts and creating active data for live charts
  • Images for all charts in the samples
  • Setting the chart and axis titles
  • Specifying labels
  • Specifying chart colors
  • Specifying more complex properties of charts

Related projects

FSChart and FSharpChart were previous names for this library.

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