Contributing to FSharp.Charting

This page should provide you with some basic information if you're thinking about contributing to the FSharp.Charting project.

  • This page can be edited by sending a pull request to FSharp.Charting on GitHub, please edit here.

  • If you want to discuss a feature (a good idea!), or if you want to look at suggestions how you might contribute, check out the Issue list on GitHub.

Solution files

The root directory contains a number of Visual Studio solutions (*.sln) files that group the projects in the main logical groups:

  • FSharp.Charting.sln contains the main projects that implement most of the FSharp.Charting functionality (such as runtime and design-time type provider libraries). If you want to contribute code that is not quite ready yet, but looks interesting, then please add it to the experimental projects.

  • FSharp.Charting.Tests.sln is a library with tests for FSharp.Charting and it also contains the content of this web site (as *.fsx and *.md) files. Look here if you want to edit the documentation!


The documentation for the FSharp.Charting library is automatically generated using the F# Formatting library. It turns *.md (Markdown with embedded code snippets) and *.fsx files (F# script file with embedded Markdown documentation) to a nice HTML documentation.

  • The template for the pages is in the tools directory on GitHub.

  • The code for all the documents (including this one) can be found in the examples directory on GitHub. If you find a bug or add a new feature, make sure you document it!

  • Images are not automatically generated - just use 'Save Image As' on a chart and add the PNG to the images folder.

  • If you want to build the documentation, simply run the build.fsx script (GitHub link) which builds the documentation.

  • The final documentation will be pushed to the gh-pages branch by the maintainers of the fsharp repository for the library.
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