Using Charts in WPF applications

Charts specified using FSharp.Charting can be used within WPF applications.

To host a chart object inside a WPF application,

  • Add a reference to the FSharp.Charting nuget package
  • Add references to the following additional DLLs from the base class library:
    • System.Drawing.dll
    • System.Windows.Forms.dll
    • WindowsFormsIntegration.dll
  • Add a WindowsFormHost element to your XAML in your F# or C# application and give the element a name

In your XAML code this should appear as `<WindowsFormsHost x:Name="WinForm" />`

In your application code, set the Child property of the host to a chart control created from a chart specification:

  open FSharp.Charting
  open FSharp.Charting.ChartTypes

// ...

let winForm = window.Root.FindName("WinForm") :?> WindowsFormsHost

let chart = Chart.Line [ for i in 0 .. 10 -> (i,i*i) ]

winForm.Child <- new ChartControl(chart)

Live and Incremental updating charts can also be used in this way.

  let dataStream = 
      |> Event.map (fun x -> let p = x.GetPosition(window.Root) in p.X,p.Y )

let chart = LiveChart.LineIncremental (dataStream)

winForm.Child <- new ChartControl(chart)

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