Namespace: Deedle.Vectors

Represent a transformation that is applied when combining two vectors (because we are combining untyped IVector values, the transformation is also untyped)

Instance members

Instance memberDescription
Signature: unit -> OptionalValue<'T> -> OptionalValue<'T> -> OptionalValue<'T>
Modifiers: abstract
Type parameters: 'T

Returns a function that combines two values stored in vectors into a new vector value. Although generic, this function will only be called with the T set to the type of vector that is being built. Since VectorConstruction is not generic, the type cannot be statically propagated.

Signature: bool
Modifiers: abstract

Assuming * is the result of GetFunction, this property returns true when for all x it is the case that Missing * x = x = x * Missing. This enables certain optimizations (as we do not have to call * when one argument is N/A)

CompiledName: get_IsMissingUnit

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