Namespace: Deedle

Represents an (untyped) vector that stores some values and provides access to the values via a generic address. This type should be only used directly when extending the DataFrame library and adding a new way of storing or loading data. To allow invocation via Reflection, the vector exposes type of elements as System.Type.

Instance members

Instance memberDescription
Signature: IAddressingScheme
Modifiers: abstract

Returns the addressing scheme of the index. When creating a series or a frame this is compared for equality with the addressing scheme of the vector(s).

CompiledName: get_AddressingScheme

Signature: Type
Modifiers: abstract

Returns the type of elements stored in the current vector as System.Type. This member is mainly used for internal purposes (to invoke a generic function represented by VectorCallSite1<R> with the typed version of the current vector as an argument.

CompiledName: get_ElementType

Signature: Address -> OptionalValue<obj>
Modifiers: abstract

Return value stored in the vector at a specified address. This is simply an untyped version of GetValue method on a typed vector.

Signature: VectorCallSite<'R> -> 'R
Modifiers: abstract
Type parameters: 'R

Invokes the specified generic function (vector call site) with the current instance of vector passed as a statically typed vector (ie. IVector)

Signature: int64
Modifiers: abstract

Returns the number of elements in the vector

CompiledName: get_Length

Signature: seq<OptionalValue<obj>>
Modifiers: abstract

Returns all values of the vector as a sequence of optional objects

CompiledName: get_ObjectSequence

Signature: bool
Modifiers: abstract

When true, the formatter in F# Interactive will not attempt to evaluate the vector to print it. This is useful when the vector contains lazily loaded data.

CompiledName: get_SuppressPrinting

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