Namespace: Deedle.Keys

Represents a special hierarchical key. This is mainly used in pretty printing (where we want to get parts of the keys based on levels. CustomKey.Get provides a way of getting ICustomKey.

Instance members

Instance memberDescription
Signature: int -> obj
Modifiers: abstract

Gets a value at the specified level (the levels are indexed from 1). This is used for pretty printing only. If Levels=1 then this method is not called and the pretty printer invokes ToString on the whole object instead.

Signature: unit -> obj []
Modifiers: abstract

Gets values of the key at all levels

Signature: int
Modifiers: abstract

Returns the number of levels of a hierarchical key. For example, a tuple (1, 42) has 2 levels. This is used for pretty printing only.

CompiledName: get_Levels

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