Namespace: Deedle.Virtual

Functions and values

Function or valueDescription
Signature: count:int64 -> valueAt:Func<int64,^T> -> value:^T -> lookup:Lookup -> check:Func<int64,bool> -> OptionalValue<int64>
Type parameters: ^T

Binary search in range [ 0L .. count ]. The function is generic in ^T and is 'inline' so that the comparison on ^T is optimized.

  • count specifies the upper bound for the binary search
  • valueAt is a function that returns value ^T at the specified location
  • value is the ^T value that we are looking for
  • lookup is the lookup semantics as used in Deedle
  • check is a function that tests whether we want a given location (if no, we scan - this can be used to find the first available value in a series)
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