Namespace: Deedle.Vectors.Virtual

Non-generic part of the IVirtualVectorSource<'V> interface, which provides some basic information about the virtualized data source

Instance members

Instance memberDescription
Signature: string
Modifiers: abstract

Identifies the addressing scheme associated with this source. This should be shared by all sources for which the same addresses are valid (e.g. all columns in the same table)

CompiledName: get_AddressingSchemeID

Signature: IAddressOperations
Modifiers: abstract

Returns the addressing implementation associated with this vector source

CompiledName: get_AddressOperations

Signature: Type
Modifiers: abstract

Returns the type of elements - essentially typeof<'V> for IVirtualVectorSource<'V>

CompiledName: get_ElementType

Signature: IVirtualVectorSourceOperation<'R> -> 'R
Modifiers: abstract
Type parameters: 'R

Invoke a generic operation (wrapped in an interface) that takes a generic version of this type

Signature: int64
Modifiers: abstract

Returns the length of the source - by design, Big Deedle always needs to know the length of the source (e.g. for binary search)

CompiledName: get_Length

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