Namespace: Deedle

A generic, typed vector. Represents mapping from addresses to values of type T. The vector provides a minimal interface that is required by series and can be implemented in a number of ways to provide vector backed by database or an alternative representation of data.

Instance members

Instance memberDescription
x.Convert(arg1, arg2)
Signature: (('T -> 'TNew) * ('TNew -> 'T)) -> IVector<'TNew>
Modifiers: abstract

Create a vector whose values are converted using the specified function, but can be converted back using another specified function. For virtualized vectors, this enables e.g. efficient lookup on the returned vectors (by delegating the lookup to the original source)

Signature: VectorData<'T>
Modifiers: abstract

Returns all data of the vector in one of the supported formats. Depending on the vector, data may be returned as a continuous block of memory using ReadOnlyCollection<T> or as a lazy sequence seq<T>.

CompiledName: get_Data

Signature: Address -> OptionalValue<'T>
Modifiers: abstract

Returns value stored in the vector at a specified address.

Signature: IVectorLocation -> OptionalValue<'T>
Modifiers: abstract

Returns value stored in the vector at a specified location. This can typically just call 'GetValue(loc.Address)', but it can do something more clever using the fact that the caller provided us with the address & offset.

Signature: ((IVectorLocation -> OptionalValue<'T> -> OptionalValue<'TNew>)) -> IVector<'TNew>
Modifiers: abstract

Apply the specified function to all values stored in the vector and return a new vector (not necessarily of the same representation) with the results. The function handles missing values - it is called with optional values and may return a missing value as a result of the transformation.

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