Namespace: Deedle

Represents an untyped series with keys of type K and values of some unknown type (This type should not generally be used directly, but it can be used when you need to write code that works on a sequence of series of heterogeneous types).

Instance members

Instance memberDescription
Signature: IIndex<'K>
Modifiers: abstract

Returns the index containing keys of the series

CompiledName: get_Index

Signature: 'K -> OptionalValue<obj>
Modifiers: abstract

Attempts to get the value at a specified key and return it as obj

Signature: IVector
Modifiers: abstract

Returns the vector containing data of the series (as an untyped vector)

CompiledName: get_Vector

Signature: IVectorBuilder
Modifiers: abstract

Returns the vector builder associated with this series

CompiledName: get_VectorBuilder

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