Namespace: Deedle
Parent Module: Addressing

Various implementations can use different schemes for working with addresses (for example, address can be just a global offset, or it can be pair of int32 values that store partition and offset in a partition). This interface represents a specific address range and abstracts operations that BigDeedle needs to perform on addresses (within the specified range)

Instance members

Instance memberDescription
Signature: int64 -> Address
Modifiers: abstract

Return the address of a value at the specified absolute offset. (See the comment for OffsetOf for more info about partitioning)

x.AdjustBy(arg1, arg2)
Signature: (Address * int64) -> Address
Modifiers: abstract

Increment or decrement the specified address by a given number

Signature: Address
Modifiers: abstract

Returns the first address of the range

CompiledName: get_FirstElement

Signature: Address
Modifiers: abstract

Returns the last address of the range

CompiledName: get_LastElement

Signature: Address -> int64
Modifiers: abstract

Given an address, return the absolute offset of the address in the range This might be tricky for partitioned ranges. For example if you have two partitions with 10 values addressed by (0,0)..(0,9); (1,0)..(1,9), the the offset of address (1, 5) is 15.

Signature: seq<Address>
Modifiers: abstract

Returns a sequence that iterates over FirstElement .. LastElement

CompiledName: get_Range

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