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statistical testing, linear algebra, machine learning, fitting and signal processing in F#.

#r "nuget: FSharp.Stats"
statistics linear algebra machine learning fitting signal processing
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Fsharp LInear Programming System.

#r "nuget: flips"
optimization linear programming
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Flips is an F# library for modeling and solving Linear Programming (LP) and Mixed-Integer Programming (MIP) problems. It is inspired by the work of the PuLP library for Python and the excellent Gurobi Python library. It builds on the work of the outstanding Google OR-Tools library and the OPTANO library .

Deedle is an easy to use library for data and time series manipulation and for scientific programming.

#r "nuget: Deedle"
dataframe data exploration data access
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Deedle implements an efficient and robust frame and series data structures for manipulating with structured data. It supports handling of missing values, aggregations, grouping, joining, statistical functions and more. For frames and series with ordered indices (such as time series), automatic alignment is also available.

.NET interface for Cytoscape.js written in F# for graph visualization.

#r "nuget: Cyjs.NET"
cytoscape graph visualization
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This package provides a light-weighted layer on top of the famous Cytoscape.js library. It brings all the graph visualization capabilities directly into .NET.

.NET interface for plotly.js written in F#

#r "nuget: Plotly.NET"
visualization data exploration charting
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