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Our mission

Curating the FsLab Stack

We strive to provide exceptional tools for conducting data science in F#. Therefore, we develop and curate the FsLab stack - a collection of mature, high-quality packages that form a cohesive one-stop solution. Think tidyverse for F#/.NET.

Fostering an F# Data Science Community

Whether you've never written a line of code before or you're already a skilled data scientist experimenting with .NET, we aim to have you covered with up-to-date blog posts, documentation, and package recommendations. We provide a safe haven for any data science project in search of new maintainers and/or contributors.

F#-first data science packages

Here you find our recommended collection of open source F# packages for your data analysis toolchain.

Together with your editor or notebook these packages allow you to rapidly develop scalable, high-performance analytics and visualizations using succinct, type-safe, production-ready code.

Just pick and play.

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Build your skills

From zero to hero in data science using F# with our blogs and tutorials

FsLab guides you through downloading and setting up F# for data science.

We support you in learning basics of reading and writing F# syntax and solving problems by examples that work with your own environment.

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Interoperability is key

Connect and collaborate.

With Fslab you are part of an amazing .NET Open-Source ecosystem for data science, machine learning and AI. We recommend always using the best tools for your analytic problem at hand. Therefore, FsLab endorses partner projects from the ecosystem.

Visit ML.NET, an open source and cross-platform machine learning framework, and SciSharp STACK which brings all major machine learning frameworks from Python to .NET ecosystem.

Make friends with other communities and projects and give yourself maximum flexibility for the future.