FsLab runs on Mac, Linux and Windows. You can use it with Emacs, Xamarin Studio, MonoDevelop, Visual Studio or other F#-enabled editor.


Once you're done with the initial data analysis, you can turn your code into production-quality implementation without rewriting it.

Powered by F#

FsLab lets you use a simple but powerful language that analysts, data scientists and software developers all understand.


All libraries included in FsLab are licensed under OSI-approved licenses and have an active community of contributors on GitHub.


FsLab encourages an interactive development style. This makes it easy to explore the data and experiment with different analyses.


F# code is type-inferred and efficiently compiled. It runs on multi-core and you can easily scale to the cloud with MBrace.

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FsLab appears in many talks ranging from cancer research to Twitter analysis...

Watch more FsLab videos and talks...

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FsLab appears in many books and blogs covering data analysis and machine learning...

  • Analyzing and Visualizing Data with F#   (O'Reilly)
    This free report introduces F#, type providers and all the FsLab libraries that you need to get started doing data science and machine learning.
  • Machine Learning Projects for .NET Developers   (Apress)
    The book shows how to build smarter .NET applications that learn from data, demonstrating many of the FsLab libraries along the way.
  • F# tackles James Bond   (Evelina Gabasova)
    The blog post analyzes budget, box office and ratings for James Bond movies and offers an interesting comparison with R.

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Libraries What is included in FsLab? 

F# Data First-class data access

  • Use language that understands external data sources
  • Access JSON, XML, CSV, HTML and WorldBank
  • Get auto-completion based on a sample document
F# Data homepage

Deedle Interactive data exploration

  • Data frame and series library inspired by pandas
  • Quickly explore data & build efficient compiled code
  • Automatic alignment, missing data handling & more
Deedle in 10 minutes Homepage

R Provider Professional stats packages

  • Access over 6000 professional R packages
  • Pass data frames and time-series to R easily
  • Get auto-completion on R functions & parameters
R provider homepage

Math.NET Fast numerical calculations

  • Linear algebra, statistics and probability
  • Optimization, transformations, curve fitting
  • Switch to parallel or native MKL implementation
Math.NET Numerics

XPlot Powerful HTML5 charting

  • Create HTML5 charts with easy-to-use library
  • Choose between Google Charts and
  • Lines, bars, pies, bubbles, maps and much more!
XPlot homepage

F# Charting For desktop charting

  • Rich, efficient charts for desktop apps
  • Create animated live and incremental charts
  • Easily integrates with .NET applications
F# Charting homepage

FsLab For integrated experience

  • One easy to install package with all you need
  • Data access, analysis and visualization
  • Everything works well together, no versioning hell
FsLab templates Visual Studio template

Literate F#Produce LaTeX and HTML reports

  • Mix F# code and Markdown annotations in one file
  • Embedded equations, tables, charts, R graphics and more
  • Produce high-quality LaTeX, PDF or HTML outputs
Introduction Embedding results

Training and support Need help with FsLab? 

Consultancy partners including fsharpWorks contribute to FsLab and provide training, support and other services.

  • If you are using FsLab in finance, you can learn more about FsLab from the online course F# in Finance, which covers Deedle, F# Data and other components.
  • The FastTrack to F# course covers many of the FsLab components too and fsharpWorks also offer custom workshops.

There are a large number of other companies that provide training and consulting services related to F# that will be able to help with FsLab. See the training page and consulting page on the F# Foundation web site.