FsLab tutorials and blogposts

From zero to hero in data science using F#! 🚀

FsLab guides you through downloading and setting up F# for data science. We will support you in learning basics of reading and writing F# syntax and solving problems by examples that work with your own environment.

Getting started with F#

Start here if you are new to F# and/or programming in general. Content of this category will walk you through setting up your F#/.NET environment and teach F# via small, bite-size tutorials
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Getting started with data science in F#

Start here if you are already familiar with F# and want to expand those skills with data science.
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Getting started David Zimmer

Advanced tutorials and blogposts

You already are a seasoned F#/.NET data scientist? Maybe you can still find something new/unexpected/interesting in these advanced, more in-depth articles articles!
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