Download a template

The easiest way to get started is to copy one of the templates that are from the FsLab templates repository. The templates work with Visual Studio Code, Visual Studio and other F# editors.

FsLab basic template FsLab journal template

Using the templates

The templates use Paket for dependency management. When you use the templates, you'll need to run Paket to get the dependencies. This happens automatically when you build the project, but you can also do it by hand.

  • In the basic template, run paket install. For example, when using mono on Mac, run:

     mono .paket/paket.exe install
  • In the journal template you can use build scripts and build.cmd. The following will process all journals and open them in a web browser:

     chmod +x
     ./ run

This downloads the packages and creates paket.lock file with the version information. Once the packages are downloaded, you can open the Tutorial.fsx script and edit it. The tempalates are designed to be used from F# Interactive. Select a couple of lines of code and use "Alt+Enter" (in Visual Studio), "Ctrl+Enter" (in Xamarin Studio) or other command to send the code to F# Interactive.

FsLab Basic template

The basic FsLab template is a minimal sample containing a tutorial and Paket references as described above. The template works with Xamarin Studio, Visual Studio or via command line.

FsLab Journal template

The FsLab Journal template contains everything as described above, but also adds the ability to generate HTML and LaTeX reports from your literate scripts.

The template comes with build scripts and build.cmd that can be used as follows:

  • build run generates HTML outputs, opens them in a browser and automatically updates them when the source files change
  • build latex generates LaTeX output
  • build pdf generates LaTeX and also invokes pdflatex

Reference a package

It is equally easy to install FsLab using NuGet or using Paket. We recommend using Paket. This is a bit more work at the beginning, but it will save you time when updating to new versions later!

View FsLab on NuGet FsLab.Runner on NuGet

Referencing FsLab using NuGet

FsLab is available on NuGet as FsLab. The FsLab.Runner package can be used to re-implement the functionality of the FsLab Journal template.

To use it directly, create a new project (F# Tutorial is a good start in Visual Studio and Xamarin Studio). Then add refernece to the FsLab NuGet package and wait until all components are downloaded.

Finally add a new script file, say Tutorial.fsx and load FsLab.fsx using the following command (the version will differ, so you'll have to check the created packages directory; when the project is in a sub-folder you'll also need to use ../packages).

#load "packages/FsLab/FsLab.fsx"
open FsLab

Referencing FsLab using Paket

When referencing FsLab using Paket, you'll need to download the latest version of Paket and create a file called paket.dependencies with the following contents:


nuget FsLab

This specifies that Paket should install the FsLab package for you. Then run the following command (drop mono on Windows):

mono paket.exe install

The typical usage is to put paket.exe into a sub-folder called .paket, but this is completely up to you. Paket will drop the version numbers from folder names, so you can reference FsLab as follows in your scripts:

#load "packages/FsLab/FsLab.fsx"
open FsLab

This creates paket.lock file with the information about installed versions. Paket makes it easy to update to the latest version of FsLab. Just run paket update.