R Type Provider


Namespace: RProvider.Internal

Interface that is used for communication between the R provider server (RProvider.Server.exe) which communicates with R and the client that runs in the host IDE process (Visual Studio, Xamarin Studio etc.)

NOTE: In order to support standalone compilation of RProvider.Server.exe (which inlines the F# Core library), the interface does not expose any F# Core types.

Instance members

Instance memberDescription
Signature: string -> (string * string) []
Modifiers: abstract

Returns an array with binding information. The first string is the name of the function. The second string is serialized RValue with information about the kind of the binding and function parameters (use deserializeRValue).

Signature: string -> (string * string) []
Modifiers: abstract

Returns an array with pairs consisting of function name and its description

Signature: string -> string
Modifiers: abstract

Returns the description (documentation) for a given package

Signature: unit -> string []
Modifiers: abstract

Returns an array with the names of all installed packages (e.g. "base", "graphics" etc.)

Signature: string -> (string * Type) []
Modifiers: abstract

Given an .rdata file, returns the names of the symbols in the file, together with an F# type that it can be converted to (this is done by getting the type of symExpr.Value using currently installed convertors). If the type is not available, this returns null.

Signature: string
Modifiers: abstract

If there was an initialization error when loading R provider, this string returns the error. Otherwise, the value is null.

CompiledName: get_InitializationErrorMessage

Signature: string -> unit
Modifiers: abstract

Loads the package (using R's require). This should be called before GetBindings.

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